Call for Nominations: CAHPERD Board of Directors and President-Elect

Nominations for CAHPERD’s Board of Directors and President-Elect are due March 15, 2007.

Provincial/Territorial Representatives from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Provincial/Territorial representatives will be elected to the Board of Directors according to the CAHPERD by-laws. Provincial/territorial representatives serve a two-year term to begin May 2007.

President-Elect – The President-elect will be elected to the CAHPERD Board of Directors according its by-laws. The President-elect will serve a four years term (one year as President-elect, two years as President, and a year as Past-President) to begin in May 2007.

-Nominations should be sent to Christine Bureaud, Assistant/Operations Manager, CAHPERD Office.
-Any voting member of the Association can nominate a candidate for election to the Board of Directors. S/he shall sign the nomination along with one other signature from that province/territory. The nominee must also sign the nomination with a statement of agreement to place his/her name on the ballot.
-No restrictions shall be placed on the Nominating Committee as to whom the nominees shall be, except that they shall be voting members of the Association and shall not contravene provisions of the by-laws.
-A picture and biographical sketch of the nominee should accompany the nomination form. This picture and information will be mailed to all CAHPERD members in that province/territory
-Nomination forms must be submitted as soon as possible, but not later than March 15, 2007.